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Tuesday, June 24


Mike Hess Deception Black IPA

Mike Hess City Park Strong Ale

Mike Hess Unite Pale

Mike Hess Claritas Kolsch

Mike Hess Solis Ocacus IPA

Mike Hess Havitus Rye IPA

Mike Hess Grazias Vienna Cream Ale

Mike Hess Juncundus Orange Honey American Wheat

Mike Hess Belgian Dubbel Trouble



We just got back this weekend from visiting the awesome folks down at Mike Hess Brewing in San Diego. They have two locations.  Their first location has their original 1.6 barrel system and a small tasting room with a life size Jenga set that kept the family quite entertained with some height-defying Jenga building ...

Their second location is in the North Park area of San Deigo by the university.  There sits an impressive sea of stainless steal tanks you have to cross over on a catwalk to get inside to the tasting room.

With a open-to-the-street front, high scaffolding ceilings, cinderblock walls and a spacious interior ... this brewery screams a good time.  When we walked in, the final minutes of the World Cup game was playing on the jumbo size TV screens and the place was comfortably packed with many of the patrons there with their dogs.  

As soon as the game was over, the patrons hit the game shelf and nearly everyone in the place was playing games ... including us! 

 We had fun learning how to play Risk while we ate some killer hot dogs from the food truck that pulled up right to the back of the brewery, making it appear that it was a connected kitchen. Fantastic set-up!!! 

 We look forward to sharing with all of you their great brews!!!!