Photography & a 3-year old
My three children: Gaby age 8, Caleb age 5 and Berlin age 3 have spent their entire summer at The Factory.  They made it to the beach a few times and visited with grandma and grandpa for a few sleep-overs but in general ... they were with mom, at The Factory, all summer long.
I know what you are thinking, “Oh how boring, what a terrible summer for kids”.  But in all honesty, that’s very far from the truth.  My children LOVE The Factory!  They love spending time there and helping create mom’s vision.  I have given them a very important role of feeling like The Factory is their restaurant just as much as it is mom’s restaurant.  Every morning the kids ask, “Can we go to The Factory?”  When I would plan a excursion to the beach or somewhere else ‘kid’ orientated, they would pout and complain and beg to go to The Factory instead.
At first I thought the novelty would wear off, but we are going on almost 7 months here and the kids still want to go to The Factory with me everyday!  When it is time to leave, they don’t want to go home.  Since we don’t have a gaming system at home, having Game Stop next door is quite a treat for the kids.  And now with the addition of our LED big screen tv’s ... television is better at The Factory too.  
However, I am still amazed and find it quite interesting how kids find unique things and creative ways to entertain themselves at The Factory.  Today Berlin discovered my Canon Rebel camera and hid with it under a dining table.  I did not realize what she had and thought maybe she was just finding a quite place to chill out.  About a half hour later, and wondering if she fell asleep under there, I got down on my knees to take a peek.  She giggled with glee as she snapped my picture.
As you can imagine, I was not entirely pleased that my three year-old had my expensive camera and using it as a play toy.  However, my anger quickly dissipated as I hit the view button on the camera.  Flipping through her images, I found hundreds of pictures documenting a half hours worth of activity inside The Factory ... from her view, under the table.  It was quite enjoyable and an interesting perspective.  We may very well have another artist in the family!
Saturday, October 10, 2009